I The Savior Seeking Global Support Last Time To End World Problems

I The Savior Seeking Global Support Last Time To End World Problems

I have all the knowledge, wisdom, information that can end world problems but I am lacking of certain ingredients to make it become reality.

Because we are living in a world full of chaos, conflicts and life with a lot of corrupt beings, entities.

From my own personal experience and personal situation at the moment, I am looking for 2 types of support:
– Help me connect with top governments, groups to release my sacred information solution to end all world conflicts.

– Help me to remove my financial burden, I am have spent all of my money just to connect, understand the mortal life of this world already and do not have any money left to do anything.

I fully known and understand that when my godlike solution come to top royal families, national governments then I will receive a lot of money for my works, for my ideas my visions. But you need to understand that there are a lot of “barrier” that is why I am looking for beings, entities who can help me connect, talk with real top official royal families group and/or national governments.

That is the plan A. But if cannot find any trustworthy entities then I will go with plan B.
In plan B, I will probably start new project to help, assist small group of people in this society via various way such as through books, secret education class in normal way just like normal humans.
But even then, I still need some kind of money/finance to start any new project.

I prefer plan A because it is the fastest way to bring world peace (probably less than 30 days if my visions my ideas can appear to major royal families , national governments).

Due to the fact that I have tried and spent a lot of times try to find the “cure”, help assist this civilization over last 5 years already so now I do not have any time left.

So please show your support either via make donation or obtain my book/document or share me any communication channel of big group, contact with me as soon as possible, I can only wait you guys gals for the next 10 days or so (June 2023).

I will make my final decision about everything by the end of June 2023.

You can make donation via cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin BTC:

– bc1qn3hqhwsnr69q9mxxakrspfdyyyww3vvdxs7m5c .

– bc1qxhnn6zh8jdq4cs5nuzxh6ut45mqhqfmn5xewva .

Ethereum ETH:

– 0x98D9eB47F22c506B132386E89cb4C8e459020740 .

– 0x726b5cc49E66B4F8E9f74e1C9d6Bdfe4CCc884D6 .

Litecoin LTC:

– ltc1q7y3weduw6rnp2gfef40ke3mlmk3dyjssm40l4j .

– ltc1qy8uj6h4n368ump299eveazwlshfk5l72d64qqy .

BitcoinCash BCH:

– bitcoincash:qp2fxumzkdmhpxcdceyj90mqlzddz82dfszl5wepmm .

– bitcoincash:qqjdzs07w44jggcdxdd9ttm6spzqfkf8d5pky3m7dd .

eCash XEC:

– ecash:qzhcky7y0ty0cvv87f9kq22ewh39xvnxnu0qjfpzru .

– ecash:qrmwga2g0d465zs53952wtav6pzktj95jcr96lsvxe .

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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