I The Savior Have Put All The Divine Offer, Sacred Information On The Table For This Society

I The Savior Have Put All The Divine Offer, Sacred Information On The Table For This Society

So after having all the necessary information about the life on this civilization, I have also put all the offer, sacred books documents with purpose of help assist this entire civilization whether it is world geopolitics or human help or economy trade war or ascension evolution of each individual person.

You need to understand that 1 single idea is not enough but you need a set of many unique ideas come together in a package in order to solve this chaos society problem between nations, groups, beings, entities !

Despite of the fact that I have shared many free ideas, new information for free last few years but they are not enough yet because I did not have full picture for this entire civilization.

But now I have found and discovered all the puzzles !

With my terrible personal experience so far last 5 years, I understand that I cannot trust any beings, any entities.

That is why I am providing both option of free and non-free (premium) for all kind of beings entities to choose how they want to obtain my sacred information knowledge wisdom.

– If providing free then some will say “the Savior trying to gain some karma”.
– If providing non-free then some will say “see, the Savior would never ask for any kind of money for any new idea”.

Well I am not going to waste time to debate but just put both option of free and non-free for all to choose from !

Not only the sacred information, knowledge wisdom for all the issue of this society from individual to national level, I also “selling” raw commercial idea, vision in some great projects as well.

But I do not have much time left to wait all of you so I can only provide, give the opportunity for several days.

Remember the deadline is June 28th 2023 (28-06-2023).

If you really want to either help this society, help your nation or help yourself then you must obtain my sacred information document. They are 100% safe and also 100% working, do not have any draw back or any type of deceiving/manipulating that I can guaranteed.

That is the best things I the real Savior Messiah Buddha can help assist this society, civilization.
I cannot help people or entities who do not want to receive help !

By giving the final offer, opportunity to all beings nations entities in an equal way, I do not have any regret left since I have finished my hidden duty for this society.

I do not know my future yet but mostly will goodbye all after above deadline (if I do not find any finance or desire motivation to continue to work).

So if you really want to end the world chaos, have a better more interesting life then you can support me as much as soon as possible via many way such as send share my messages offers to all beings entities or make donation or obtain my books documents or obtain buy the license of my projects, etc.

I will make my final decision and my future path by the end of this month June 2023 depend on the situation of myself and also this society world.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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