America USA Last Hope: Me The Messiah

America USA Last Hope: Me The Messiah

The United State of Americas USA are dying and on the verse of a total collapse but the real reason is a very complicated and beyond the understanding of many people, beings, entities even though in many top organization both in public and private.

If you ask the first big nation going to collapse in this entire civilization then it must be the USA, why?
– Because they are the immigrated nation and very easy to “copy”, “replicate”.
– Because they was and are still receiving a great opportunity to begin the great civilization evolution if they doing it “correct”.

In my big vision and solution to end world chaos then the USA will receive too many benefits and have huge advantage over other big nations (like China, India, Russia, European, etc.).

And because of that reason and many of my personal situation and reasons, I am not going to release that great “cure” when I do not like it and want it.

All of my previous words, information, solution for this society chaos which I have shared for free are not the ultimate final answer because I did not think much (since do not receive any benefit by doing that).

The USA will be the first nation going to collapse in the domino chain when I the real Messiah completely go away from the internet, which in few weeks time at the maximum.

If you want to save the United States USA, then you must contact and tell US Government, US military to contact me the real Messiah as soon as possible to receive the “official cure” to end world chaos.

Or if you are just the neutral entities and want world peace, more interesting life then you can also contact me (if you able to do something) to see whether I will willing to share or not.

I will only release the “cure” when I like and want it but for now, not a chance ! Because I feel terrible and huge disappointed with the current corrupt society !

The solution to end world conflict are very complicated because it is related to all many different things from finance to philosophy to jobs to ideology of living, etc.

Only the beings have level of at least equal or higher the neutral referee group like me able to craft that kind of solution.

I will completely offline soon so send share this message to all beings, entities, governments, big groups organizations if you want to save the world from total collapse.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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