All The Useless Leaders Are Deserve To Be Gone

All The Useless Leaders Are Deserve To Be Gone

Several days left only for their survival.
All of the useless eater leaders are all deserved to be gone, vanished forever !

All the super Gods Deities are now only waiting me to part away completely with this mortal affair so they can freely come in and destroy all those useless leaders !

Do not bet against the super gods deities team.
How mortal humans treat animals ?
Then that is how those super gods deities team treat the mortal humans in a same way (at least for 99.99% cases).

I do not have any patience left and can only give all those useless leaders several days to wake up and make their wise choice to save themselves from the heavy punishment made by super gods deities.

The only way for them to save themselves is put hope on me via either big donation or direct communication, there is no other way to save themselves !

No joke but a very serious warning message letter.

You should send share this warning to all beings entities especially the top leaders both in the shadow and public.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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