All The Bad Entities Who Did Negative Stuffs To Me The Savior Will Have Their Last 7 Days To Survive

All The Bad Entities Who Did Negative Stuffs To Me The Savior Will Have Their Last 7 Days To Survive

So it took me a lot of times to finally found the sacred information and the wisdom that can truly help this society this civilization: the new society model, new vision for new chapter on Earth.

If you wonder why it took me so much time, then the answer is that many bad entities was and are do negative things to me the real Savior such as:
– Censorship my words (preventing me to connect with the rest of the society).
– Doing black magic/ritual to me and my relative member.
– Call me as a fraud without giving evidence, without even test verify me.
– Do not support me in financial issue/matter despite the fact they can.

I will very soon calling the super deities/gods to investigate everything and all those beings. All of them was indirectly killed many people by doing harm to me the real Savior who can save this civilization.

Of course there were a lot of “employees” in the middle of this fight.

I am giving all those innocent people and even all bad entities their last 7 days to survive by spending all of their wealth to make donation to me the real Savior. I also giving them their final chance to talk/contact me so I may not include them in the blacked list of must eliminated before the new era appear on Earth.

I do not care who you are even if you come from royal families or national government or any big groups/organizations. All of you who did negative things to me will get heavy punishment (mostly will be the death sentence).

So the deadline will be June 25th 2023 25-06-2023.

I am not going to release the sacred information if all the top secret controllers of this mortal realm do not “clean, clear” all bad entities/beings who was and try either take advantage of or doing harm to me.

It will be either listen to me or die, there is no other option, no other choice !

Feel free to send this final warning message to all.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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