All Royal Families, Governments, Entities Have 10 Days Left To Choose Their Fate

All Royal Families, Governments, Entities Have 10 Days Left To Choose Their Fate

This is a very serious message, letter to all beings, entities especially the royal family group, national governments, secret societies, groups.

So finally after all the hard works and battles with all corrupt beings/entities, now I the Savior Legend fully have a whole picture of current affair in this mortal realms between people, groups, nations.

Thus the long waiting vision, strategy, solutions to truly end world conflicts automatic appeared in my mind.

I could release that sacred information document via offline mode and/or only send it to only certain amount of top beings/entities such as the referee entities or the local authority.

But since I am fair person so I will give this golden opportunity to all royal families, governments, entities at global scale/level through online digital cyber world.

All of you will receive an equal chance to obtain the sacred document of how the new unique creative society model should be crafted, made by me the real Savior Messiah Buddha.

If you really care for your people and want the society of your nation become better then you must obtain this document “New Unique Vision For A Better Society Model” as soon as possible before the deadline of June 28th 2023 (28-06-2023).

I can tell you that no any military in any nation know exactly what exactly inside the important book document which I have at the moment.
They may have document for physical body, human health or technology machine stuffs but not for new creative philosophy, vision, idea, model that can teach educate the public people.

Because that information do not exist in human history last 5000 years or so because it required creative, big vision from real human in this society civilization.

The cost to obtain that document is very cheap, next to free and come with guaranteed works (if not then 100% refund), so basically it like “if the document cannot cure the disease of this society and stop war between nations at macro level then you do not lost anything”.

I do not receive funds, money from any entities so I cannot provide it for free. And I also cannot share it to online community for free either because there are still a lot of bad entities out there.

I do not have time to wait all of you so 10 days are the maximum time I can give all of you the one who are waiting, looking for this kind of material documents.

You must choose it wisely because some gods deities could erase you, your royal families, your group, your nation if you do not obtain this document legally later.

That is the best I can offer to all the human management groups/entities who have their duty of help assist the public people.

I prefer have physical trading instead of online digital because then nobody no entities can “cheat” or “deceive” others.

Again remember the deadline June 28th 2023 (28-06-2023).
You do not lost any money if my document do not work. But you could be in danger if do not put hope in me.

Feel free to send, share this message, offer, invitation to all groups, entities, especially the royal families, national governments, secret societies, groups.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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