Want To Make Better Society, Create Competition About New Ideology, Theory, Product Service

Want To Make Better Society, Create Competition About New Ideology, Theory, Product Service

If you want to make the society become better for living, then you just cannot wait for miracle, you just cannot wait to normal people can create life changing product or service.

Instead you (the top elites, secret controllers, the royal families, etc.) must create as many new competition about new ideology, theory, raw product service as possible.

– Only via real competition, the highest limit potential of each beings/entities can be shown !

– Because there are a lot of smart talent people are aware of how corrupt this society is and the ones who can give a hand, help this society but lack of “opportunity, motivation, desire” to assist this civilization.

Is that safe to hold public competition like that?
Yes, it is a totally risk free strategy.

I have said, I have claimed that I am the real Savior Messiah Buddha like what predicted in ancient prophecies but nobody believe in because those stupid people still waiting for instant miracle, they do not want to see slowly but surely magic from me.

That is the reason I did not receive any investment so far for all of my new unique books, courses, projects.
Not only that certain secret groups even banned my account despite the fact I have not received any kind of donation/sales.

The society is always complicated, good guys or bad guys are everywhere, and you cannot know what is their real face and real intention.

Overall, if you truly want to make the society become better, more interesting to live for all, then the most safe best strategy is put big reward to hold competition to seek new theory, new ideology, new products services. You may have a chance.

You should not, must not follow or trust anybody, any entities at all. But you must use your own mindset, own thinking, own judgment.
Only real finished product service is matter, the rest(words, theory, ideology, magic, etc) are pointless, meaningless !

The real savior Messiah is must be the one can produce galore new unique, life changing products services to make the society become better.

Life is simple, do not make it complicated !

Just my final advice before gone about how to make the world/society become better, more interesting to live.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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