Want To Increase Chance Of Preventing World War 3 WW3, You Must Invest Try Everything

Want To Increase Chance Of Preventing World War 3 WW3, You Must Invest Try Everything

With the current on going conflicts between nations, groups, beings about ideology of life, living, society system, orders, etc. Then it just matter of time before the official World War 3 WW3 occur.

The silent world war 3 was already occurred for last few years since the COVID pandemic event start already.

When all “drivers” increase the speed of their vehicles to as fast as possible with all cost, then it is not the question of “if” but it is the question “when the first driver crash”?
Given the current conflicts, then the “driver” here can be understood as each nation.

And with the big nuclear weapon already exist, then they (nation) will try everything for their “survival” thus the nuclear war will break => the World War 3 WW3 will official start.

How to preventing World War 3 WW3?
You must try everything you can.
Do not believe in any beings/entities but you must treat all beings are equal.

Firstly, you need to gather/collect all beings/entities who think can prevent the World War 3 WW3.

Secondly, you must listen to their plan and give them all the assistance, financial support they need for their idea/project (as long as they are “safe” for the society).
Treat all ideas no matter how crazy in an equal way.

The first round is the finished product in the private mode (only few beings/entities known).

The second round is introduce product/service in public mode (the rest of society).

If you do not see the finished products/project in private mode, then you should not judge others because the battle of ideas, theory are pointless without real finished product/service/project.

That is the best macro strategy to preventing the World War 3 WW3.
There is no better option at the moment because you cannot wait for any super beings appear to save you but you must try everything.

Now all the crazy stupid ideas, projects are always better than nuclear war break out !

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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