Obtaining Ascension Joy Group Company’s Shares Via Donation

Obtaining Ascension Joy Group Company’s Shares Via Donation


I am the founder and owner of the new digital cyber company called as “Ascension Joy Group”.

In my previous post, I have introduced about the company and how it will make a lot of money (billions if not trillions dollar/euro).

And you (shares owner) will guaranteed become millionaire within the maximum 10 years.

Now I am opening the first batch of invite to all beings who able to make donation to me.

In this first batch, the total amount of shares is open for the public to grab is 100,000 (10% stake of the company).

For every 1,000 USD/Euro donation to me , you will receive 1 shares (1 million USD/Euro value within the next maximum 10 years).

The public offer is open for only 10 days from now till May 16th 2023 16-05-2023.

Allow both individual and company to own the shares.

There could be some background check if needed.

I the founder have the rights to deny all beings/entities I do not want them own shares in my company.

This is the best chance for public people can become millionaires, the odds is unreal 1 to 1000 !

Be quick, be smart or you will regret forever !

Feel free to contact me if have any question.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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