New Trillions Venture Business: Private Natural Health Doctor

New Trillions Venture Business: Private Natural Health Doctor

There are only 2 things that people care the most in life: money and health.
But out of 2, health is the most important things.

If you ask, what is the most lucrative industry?
Then my answer is health.
Because people no matter how rich or poor always willing to “exchange” their money, wealth in order to have a good health.

When you die or suffer because of any diseases, money gold are meaningless !

At the moment, the current health industry are not good because it was designed for the sleepy mass public people. Most of so called “doctor” are only just the followers.

There are still a big market in the health industry called as: natural health.

What is natural health?
Basically the diseases will be healed, treated, cured with natural method that mostly using plants, trees, herbs, fruits and harmony with Earth environment or you can understand that the stuffs will be used are not made in lab house.

The only reason that preventing natural health treating to go public is because it will going to cause the society/civilization will collapse overnight because the there are not enough plants, trees, herbs, fruits to be used.

That is the reason why I called this venture business as “Private Natural Health Doctor”.

Because people will need to sign an agreement (nondisclosure) to make sure their mouth are shut and only people who use this private service can have this life changing information.

If you ask all the rich millionaires, billionaires that how much money/wealth they willing to trade just to have the secret knowledge wisdom information that will help them become younger and able to live to 200 years old (and more)?
Then the answer probably 99% of their total wealth.

I have all the important information that can satisfy all of them. The information of how human body truly operating, the truth of diseases, how to heal with natural method, how to extend longevity, etc.

That is why I really want to open and run this new business of “Private Natural Health Doctor”.

The Business Major Structure:
There are two major money making line in this business:
1. Direct heal, cure, help the patients.
2. Train, educate private doctors.

Both of them will including some kind of nondisclosure agreement.
Both of them also will the % of wealth depend on each case.

If the the first line of direct heal help the patients: there will be only 1 single agreement with 1 single fees.

Then with the second line of train, educate private doctors: there will be 2 agreements first with the educating information, second is the agreement of how those doctors treat, takes fees from the patients.

All will be selective and vetted very carefully, even using taking oath.

And depend on the situation, the market could be only focus on the millionaires/billionaires group only because they mostly do not have motivation to make more money (also much more easier to track).

What information the student/learner will receive?
They will receive many important information related to human body, natural health and how to treat each disease very specific along with what exactly is diseases, etc.
So that they can test/verify whether the information is truly work or not.

Can this new business cure all diseases?
Yes, at least for all the diseases already exist on the public media such as flu, running nose, heart attack, headache, pain, aids, cancer, etc.
Even the disease call as “stupid, low level mindset” can also be cured.

The price and guaranteed of this business
This business will using never seen before model “no fully cured/healthed no money taken”

Why this venture business is safe for investment?
Because the core product is knowledge wisdom information.
There are not any physical products goods will beings used.

It is pretty much like teacher job.
But here the different is the sacred hidden information.

Where do the information knowledge wisdom come from?
It is not come from any specific because I am using my own mindset and my own personal experience to craft/create those information. Some of them you may find in few books but the core information you just cannot find in any book at all.

And you need to understand that many people do not have time, do not have patient to do research between thousands different books.

This new venture business will go viral at least in the rich millionaire billionaires the elite group for sure.

Can I (potential investor) receive demo for the hidden sacred knowledge wisdom about human body, healthin this business?
Yes, I willing to send some demo to all beings/entities but with some certain conditions such as you must:
– Sign a verbal agreement to do not disclose the information with anybody, any beings.
– Make few hundreds to few thousands donation to me.

Seeking investment
I am seeking investment from all investors.
There are 2 options here:
– I will “franchise”, give the special permission for idea with initial cost + royalty based on the new business performance. Minimum 1 millions USD/Euro.

– I will give you some shares for my startup/new business in exchange for certain funds/money you guys funding the cost of the startup. The exactly number is unknown and will be via negotiation.
If more than 1 interested entities want to join, then I could use auctions if needed or I will decide based on my personal thinking.

If you interested in this startup idea or investment, feel free to ask me any question, my contact is:

Email: talk @ or speak @

Chatroom: .

ID: live:.cid.5969ed256b6ec8c6 .

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ID: 0554f97e8d08fe896af4409c66ce10c5ee91b0e13efb664436707b2e249081cb29 .

Any other contact can be found at .

I do not have any deadline for this offer but I will make official announcement when I close this offer opportunity later.

Go invest to get rich, just few millions USD for a few billions company in the future?
It is a true gift !

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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