New Startup, Business Model: Pay As You Will For Online Books, Courses

New Startup, Business Model: Pay As You Will For Online Books, Courses

Knowledge is power, knowledge is what make the difference between the rich vs the poor, the smart vs the stupid.

What is a true value of a book?
What is a real cost should a student (learner) pay for any educating courses?
Who set the price?

At the moment it is an one way street where the seller set the price while the buyer only have an option of “risky” buy the books, courses or do not buy at all.

Why I said “risky”?
It is because they did not see the real item, real products in advanced.
Here I am talking for the online books, online courses.

All what the buyers know is just through some sample pages and through quick reviews words by previous buyers.

All the current selling model for the online books, courses are outdated and do not fair because it is the one way street.

That is the reason I want to setup, to do a new business with purpose:
– To help the both the buyers and sellers can find out a common fair price where both of them are happy with.
– Reward the creators/authors more. Most the current online middle man platforms are took too much commission (30%) for little actions.
– Raise the moral of the sleepy public people.
– Help more people can obtain products in a legal way at cheap cost.
– Begin the new era of pay as you will, volunteer donation later model.
Not only for the online books, courses but also able to work for almost all kind of digital software, music, movies, games, as well.

Explanation, Working Mechanism
What is exactly is pay as you will model mean?
Pay as you will model have price structure of:
Small initial cost (set by the seller) + volunteer donation later(set by the buyer).

The initial cost could be free or just small money such as $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, etc. (totally set by the buyers)

The volunteer donation is what the buyer will pay later after using the products (book, courses, etc.), the minimum is 0.

Some other features of the platform:
– Allow the authors/creators stay anonymous.
– The maximum initial cost is set by the author completely but there will be some limit number such as $10 for a book or $200 for courses or $5 for software, games etc.
– The author/creators will keep 80-90% of their earning, the platform only keep 10-20% commission as the management fees.
– There could be no refund option because this is a 2 way street business model.

Do any platform like that currently exist?
No not yet !

Why this new start up, new business will go viral?
Well because it is fair to both buyer and seller, thus will receive a lot of attention from both the media as well as government. A lot of people will try and use this platform for sure.

Will this able to defeat the current giant such as Google Play Store, Amazon or Stream?
One thing I believe is that it has a big potential to become multi billions dollar company !

Seeking investment
I am seeking investment from all investors.
There are 2 options here:
– I will “franchise”, give the special permission for idea with initial cost + royalty based on the new business performance. Minimum 1 millions USD/Euro.

– I will give you some shares for my startup/new business in exchange for certain funds/money you guys funding the cost of the startup.
The exactly number is unknown and will be via negotiation but the maximum is $10 million USD.

Because I do not live in Europe or America but from a 3rd world country and extremely difficult to setup, run a new company for an international startup like this. Thus it is still in idea version.
But the implementation should be easy and won’t be difficult.

If you interested in this startup idea or investment, feel free to ask me any question, my contact is:

Email: talk @ or speak @

Chatroom: .


ID: live:.cid.5969ed256b6ec8c6 .

GetSession ORG app

ID: 0554f97e8d08fe896af4409c66ce10c5ee91b0e13efb664436707b2e249081cb29 .

Any other contact can be found at .

I do not have any deadline for this offer but I will make official announcement when I close this offer opportunity later.

Go invest to get rich, just few millions USD for a few billions company in the future?
It is a true gift !

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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