If I am Not The Real Savior Messiah Legend Then Who? Public Challenge To All !

If I am Not The Real Savior Messiah Legend Then Who? Public Challenge To All !

To all the doubters, beings, entities, groups: I will go offline and completely disconnect with this society (before entering the Nirvana Mode), but before I official gone, I have an very interesting question to you: “If I am not the real Savior Messiah Legend then who could be?”.

I also want to give public challenge to all beings, entities who want to compete with me in all kind of battle: whether knowledge wisdom about human, life or spiritual battle of all kind or making money via assisting sleepy public people, etc.
Of course only with the high level advanced neutral referees.
And it must be either “survival fight till death” or “winner takes all” battle.

Because only through real competition, the full potential of any beings/entities can be revealed and be shown to others.

Frankly, I still have a lot of secret hidden knowledge, wisdom, power that not be revealed since I do not see any opportunity to do/show and I total lack of desire, motivation.

If you really want to know, to see, to check, to verify “whether I am the real Savior Messiah legend who have predicted in many ancient prophecies or not” then my best advice is you either meet me in physical person or “compete” with me in a fair battle/competition where both side can agree on the rule of the game.

Above offer only available while I am still online and still have motivation/desire to accept the invitation.

While if I am fully go offline and disconnect/do not care about this civilization anymore, then all the offer or invitation are meaningless, pointless.

Only by that way, you will know whether I am a fraud or a real deal that you guys are wasting so much time to recognize. All kind of theory, ideology, rituals, magic, etc. are absolutely meaningless, do not have any any value at all !

Feel free to ask, to tell all beings/entities who interested in the Savior “Messiah, Buddha” topic or who want to help/assist the sleepy people or who want to the society become better, more interesting to live in.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha Ascension Joy

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