The USA Could Create New Land Backed Money Currency With Alaska

The USA Could Create New Land Backed Money Currency With Alaska

I have shared the ideas of new currency backed by physical land not long ago.

It could be very difficult to create new land backed money currency with both Antarctica or Greenland due to complex situation.

But with Alaska state, it is very possible.

The advantage of Alaska state:
– Is a state currently belongs to the United States of Americas. The USA is currently in deep trouble related to financial, monetary issues.
– Close to Asia, in a location between Asia and America.
– Able to grow fruits, vegetables.
– Big land area, low population.
– The Alaska is unique and not have any direct link with other states, people cannot travel via their foot easily).

With the formula of 1 land money currency equal = 1 millimeters2, then you can have about 1 million trillions (1,000,000 trillions). Or they can use their inch metric if they want.

Even if you give each individual person in Alaska 1 million new land backed money for their citizens either move away the states, then the total is only 1 trillion.

The best way is make Alaska become a completely new nation (at least in the the public affair), so that all public people can understand and trust.

With a new nation and a new land backed currency money, and with that position and various factors, it will success.

Then the new Alaska land backed currency will become new international currency replace for the USD/Euro.

That is the idea, how implementing is another question but it is totally up to the current USA administrator.

If the USA want to use my idea, then they must seek my permission or make 10 million USD donation to me within the next 30 days (no need to contact, seek my permission anymore).

But if they want everything to be done in a best possible way, then they should contact me the original author creator so I can spend more time to visit and craft more specific plan.

That is the only way to save the USA and stop war right now.
Other nations cannot copy that model for many reasons.

The only thing better than gold is land.

And with a new land currency money where people able to exchange the new land notes for physical land, then it will be a game over for all !

Welcome to a new game.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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