The Secret Difference Between Gods Deities vs Mortal Human

The Secret Difference Between Gods Deities vs Mortal Human

For those who curious about the different between mortal human vs super gods, deities, then here are some real information.

There are not much different from the look outside between super gods/deities vs mortal human. In fact both look very similar.

The only different is that in the body of gods, deities: the secret spiritual energy ball has activated while mortal human is not.

The secret spiritual energy ball have function to absorb and store divine neutral energy. And with those divine neutral energy the beings many of you called as gods/deities able to do many crazy things such as easy defeat mortal human with just a punch/kick or able to using some special ability such as control/talk with animals/plants, telepathy, fly and even the teleport, etc.

It is very similar with the renewable energy vs fossil fuel energy.
Where gods/deities able to use both renewable energy (with some special ingredients to absorb natural energy) and fossil fuel, while mortal human only capable of using fossil fuel energy only.

In theory, if you can destroy or cause damage the secret spiritual energy ball of gods/deities then they will become mortal humans just like all of you.

Is that possible for mortal human to activate and using spiritual energy ball?
The answer is yes but only if you have real knowledge wisdom about it.

How to “cultivate” the divine spiritual energy?
It is very easy but how fast or slow totally depend on each personal knowledge, wisdom, intelligence.

This article is just a introduction article for the limited time special courses.

I am not going to share those sacred information for free because it won’t to good to the society and more importantly I have no reason to do it.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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