New Government Structure System Model For Modern Era

New Government Structure System Model For Modern Era

Since ancient times till modern day, there are many different type of government structure already but there are only 2 major structures:
– Monarch with absolutely King, Queen at the top.
– Voting with the top position taken by President and/or Prime Minister.

Depend on each location and the level mindset of people, they will either “fit” or “unfit” with each nation’s situation, I do not judge here.

But there are on going conflict around border, land still exist nowadays, thus the need for new government structure to end that trouble.

Some big major geopolitics conflicts are:
– Mainland China vs Taiwan.
– South Korea vs North Korea.
– India vs Pakistan.
– Israel vs Palestine.

The truth is the current China vs Hong Kong system is not 1 nation 2 systems but still 1 nation 1 system because the absolute power still in hand of top people from the CCP in Beijing.

If China or any other nation one a real 1 nation 2 system or 3 system or more, then they must use new national government structure like this:

Top federal government: managed though voting between only physical people not from any political party.

State government: managed through voting between political parties.

The jobs of federal government should:
– Protection/security.
– Act like observer to make sure the fairness between each state government and political parties.
– Giving out suggestion/recommendation to each states, no absolutely rules/laws in each state.

The jobs of each state government:
– Focus on economy, jobs.
– Develop unique culture.

They are the better version of the current European Union EU.
Only that new kind of government structure can end the big conflict between nations such as North Korea vs South Korea, China vs Taiwan, etc.

Because there any other way for one side is monopoly politics vs diversity political parties can truly find a new common ground, both side cannot attack and convene other thus only the new system that not yet exist will able to satisfy both sides.

Above are just pure example and ideas, other issue such as tax, currency, etc. will be easy to solve but only the first step is completed.

Beside that strategy, I do not see any other way that able to unify the Korean peninsular or China or Israel Palestine or India Pakistan over Kashmir issue.

I do not have access to all the information from each government so it is very difficult for me to give any more either additional support tool or any new strategy.

This is my final attempt to solve the world geopolitics conflict related to land border.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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