Introducing New Special Priority Personal Talent Currency

Introducing New Special Priority Personal Talent Currency

In the book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”, I have talked about the idea of a new non-profit non-commercial currency but not yet reveal much information because there are couple version of them.

If you want to change the old corrupt perspective about money currency such as “money is God” or “money is everything” or “whoever have more money is better person”, etc. then you need to create a new special kind of currency that “better” the all the current version that exist over last several thousands years on this civilization.

In order to make this new special priority personal talent currency work, it required all the secret societies/groups who behind many big companies around the world join forces together.
But the benefits it will bring to the society will be enormous such as:
– It will change the life opinion about money wealth of many people.
– It will gives people more new purpose of living.
– It will change the current old world order completely from whoever have more wealth rule the society to whoever have more talent will rule the world.
– It will open new era on Earth in a spectacular way.

I am just sharing with you a completely new idea, the implementation and working mechanism or the details is up to the “producer”. Since I am not official in charge of this project so there is no reason for me to craft more information about this complicated but worthy humanity project.

Is this the 7th seal of the Bible?
Could be, I do not know since only that creator truly know.

Feel free to contact me to discuss more about this project if you have any interested but only in my limited time window while I still have desire and motivation to help this society.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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