I The Savior Will Never Ever Talk With The Top Groups, Beings, Deities After The Deadline

I The Savior Will Never Ever Talk With The Top Groups, Beings, Deities After The Deadline

Money only have value when you need to use it.
Money are worthless if you do not use or need it.

My journey is coming to an end soon.
All the invitation and financial request have been released and sent to most of top groups, royal families and even gods, deities.

After the deadline, if I the real Savior do not receive the money I am looking for then I will never ever talk with all the top groups, royal families (including all people who are working with them) and even gods deities.

I just do not want to make money in normal way because I would need to give up the neutral referee/adviser role and it will take many unnecessary actions which I do not like all.

I do not want to write the godlike book on par with the Bible, Quran or something like that in sad mood. All the content and information about that kind of public education book already exist in my mind for a very long time already.

The deadline day is some random day after the April 20th 2023 (GMT time), could be any day, I do not sure when I will release that kind of book (even now I do not sure should I release that sacred book or not).

I only treasure friends who are help me in the hard times, I do not give a fuk about friends people I meet when I am not in the hard times.

This is my final major message before that deadline day, also the final calling, warning to all top big groups, royal families and including gods deities.

You must treat this message seriously or you will regret it forever.

I have given too many signs and real proof of my Savior ability via books, information for last 5 years.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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