I The Savior Want To Collaborate Or Do Business With All Groups For Books Courses Project

I The Savior Want To Collaborate Or Do Business With All Groups For Books Courses Project

This article, offer designed and open for people, group, entity who with 1 out of some purpose below:
– Want to educate the public people via new teaching through books, courses.
– Want to make the society become a better, more interesting place to live.
– Want to protect the environment.
– Want to gain good karma for their life to increase chance of evolution or just to extend their longevity with the secret hidden divine help.
– Want to make money.

I the Savior have many great idea and many books (10+) for many different subjects from healthy living, lifestyle to learn, make money to spirituality, etc.
Some books I have published in digital format are:
– New Creation New Society New World .
– Become World Champion With Secret Crazy Method Strategy .
– The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love .
– How To Increase Longevity, Live To 500+ Years More .
– The Truth Secret Of Spiritual, Occult, Super Ability Power .
– Learn Study Master Money To Have A Better Life .

But those books only for introducing purpose, not yet fully ripe to really do big public marketing.

There are a lot of beings, groups, organizations who have money, have desire to save protect the environment, want the society become a better place. But what they are lacking is “idea”, “strategy” and “solution.

With the current complex chaos society, the only safe way is through educating books or courses. But both the books and courses must be in elegant smart way so the society system do not crash.
I do not see any other alternative method that truly work, truly able to help the ignorance public people at all.

To be honest, I am completely alone and do not have any support from any beings/entities at all.

I want to save time, I want to maximize the result of my idea, my knowledge to the society. For that reason I am writing this open offer, opportunity, article to seek partnership from around the world.

I am super smart and talent. I can go with all kind of different type of business or oganizations.
So if you are the group/entities who have any purpose that match the one in this opening article/letter, then you can contact me to see whether we can seek a deal or not.

Here what I can offer:
– I can give you my book, my idea in exchange for certain amount of donation.
– I can “franchise” my book, my content so you can publish, release to the public.
– I can also open new business to make money through books, courses (will easily make 100+ million dollar euro). Thus I will give you “shares” in that new venture business.

My offer have deadline till May 16th 2023 (16 – 05 -2023).

I could work with more than 1 partner because I have too many different books, courses that can go viral since they are all real life educating idea that not yet appear in this society.

I will make decision and choose which partner I will go with depend the situation and my own judgement.

You can contact me via many method below:
Email: talk @ ascensionjoy.com or speak @ ascensionjoy.com.

Chatroom: humangod:matrix.org .


ID: live:.cid.5969ed256b6ec8c6 .

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ID: 0554f97e8d08fe896af4409c66ce10c5ee91b0e13efb664436707b2e249081cb29 .

Any other contact can be found at https://ascensionjoy.com/contact/ .

Remember the deadline 16-05-2023.

After the deadline, there won’t be any more talk or negotiations with any beings entities.
I will then choose my own path and my future.

The benefit of working, collaborate with me the legendary is a great honor for you and your group, you won’t receive this second chance ever again for I only open once a lifetime.

Feel free to send, share this letter, article, offer to all beings, groups, entities who interested in.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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