How A Real Digital Currency Should Be

How A Real Digital Currency Should Be
The information from the book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love” (newest version).

Technology is a part of modern day, there are billions smartphone are being used everyday and many people are using online digital banking for daily life transaction.
Thus it is important and necessary to have real digital currency.

At the present moment, you have 2 major ideas:
– Using cryptocurrency (backed by nothing).
– Using central bank digital currency CBDC (back by the government).

Both those options are not going to work for many reasons:
+ When it come to cryptocurrency, the question is who is the owner, how is going to be managed, the result is many national government already banned cryptocurrency for economic transaction, thus this option is off the table.

+ The CBDC is not going to work too because they are no different than the current fiat currency money at all, it still backed by the government at the top.

[Image: digitalcurrency1.png]
[Image: digitalcurrency2.png]

Above are basic ideas and working mechanism that will work very well and perfectly. No any national government can deny this one because they are not currency but just a new type of cash back money, gift point.

Updated: This solution, monetary policy is the best option on the table now because it solve many question such as:
– Why only small group of people in the authority government have power to print fiat money?
– How much money should be printed?
– How the money should be distributed?
– Who deserve to receive the money at first?
Is that the correct “way of life” or “way of God” (the unseen forces not any super beings/deities) or not?

My policy is also easy convene public people since it just the upgraded version of the “cash back, money back, rate back” where most businesses are using nowadays.

By allow the public citizens have chance to “press” the “casino style” button to find out how much new digital currency they will receive (as a rate back).

A real democracy society !

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy Bodhi Udumbara

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