Ending Special Discount, Book Price, The Future

Ending Special Discount, Book Price, The Future

The ending is very near to me.
So I will have some special discount and announcement about book price and the my future.

1. All the book, courses price will receive minimum 50% to 99% off for the next 2 weeks from now till April 18th 2023 (18-04-2023).
This apply only for direct author buying.
Apply on all books/courses.

You can bargain and give the price you would like to pay/donate (via direct contact with me) then I will deceive whether to sell it or not.

2. The books will be free forever if I receive fair amount of donation before the deadline April 18th 2023 (18-04-2023).
Frankly I do not want to sell book at all but I prefer to give it for free to the society but because the average mindset level of the people are too low, they will never pay something back in return if the content is great for them and they don’t have any financial problem.

I will release these books for free below if receive fair amount of donation:
– “New Creation New Society New World” – 100,000 USD (One hundred thousand US Dollar).

– “Become World Champion With Secret Crazy Method Strategy” – 500,000 USD (Five hundred thousand US Dollar).

– “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love” – 400,000 USD (Four hundred thousand US Dollar).

Free here mean the information will be given free to the society, all kind of entities are free to distribute it without any restriction as long as it does not contain any commercial or anything related to commercial purpose. And it must come under anonymous author name (or something like that such as group of online authors or humanity group).

While if any entities want to do commercial or receive idea “franchise” permission they must seek direct permission from me the original author.

If any thing related to public government policy such as monetary policy, then the permission are needed from me too.

3. The book price will have different model
It is very difficult to “judge” the price of a book from the point of the author because the level mindset of each reader are not the same, so as the benefit they will receive from the book.

So depend on the situation in the future I may change the price model to “pay as you will” where people will only need to pay some small amount of money such as 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 USD/Euro in order to read the content of the book, then depend on the benefit they receive from the book, then they can make additional volunteer donation to me later.

But now there is no any official market platform exist for that kind of business yet and not any online payment service are designed for this one.

The condition for me to implement this new book selling model is I must receive minimum donation of 10,000 USD/Euro before April 18th 2023 (18-04-2023).

Because without motivation and purpose, I won’t do things for free anymore like few years ago.

4. The Savior future is uncertain, could go completely offline and ignore the rest of society
I do not sure my future path.
I cannot make any promise or any absolutely words at the present moment.

But there is a big chance I will go completely offline and focus on personal growth rather than pitching, helping the rest of society (even the option selling book is also off the table since I want to avoid all kind of hidden connections with all of you).

The future is always uncertain, but at least I honest and write this message so you guys won’t be shocked since even listen/reading my words will also help you guys since they are secret connection with super level beings.

I have put on the table all the possible offer for all different type of group from the top referee group to the mortal human group, from super hidden power ability to world financial system, land conflicts.

There is absolutely nothing left that receive my attention more than that.

Now is it your time for you to talk, to contact, to donate, to ask me any question in any topic.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

Updated: After the deadline all the products services on ascensionjoy.com such as books, courses, etc. will off and no longer available.
Only few books already exist on mainstream market will continue exist via direct selling on this website.

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