The Difference Between Buying Books Direct From Me The Author vs Public Platforms

The Difference Between Buying Books Direct From Me The Author vs Public Platforms

I the Savior have officially show up with my real identity in this world and are publishing new creative books with purpose of helping the people to become better person.

The quality and content of the books will be judged by the readers but I am writing this article to explain with you the protocol I will use.

There are many difference layers and tiers group in this society:
Tier 1: The observers group
The group who is monitor everything and do not care much about the society.

Tier 2: The referees group

The group who in charge of the current world financial system to make sure the fairness between nations/groups.

Tier 3: The royal families group and some similar entities
The groups are no longer care about “fighting” between nations/group but rather are trying to help all the people (whether their help are “good” or “bad” I do not judge here for it contain many different actions).
The reason is because they have all the wealth/money they ever needed for their life already.

Tier 4: The national governments group

This group is the public national government you seen on the media but also including some shadow private persons behind the screen as well.
Their jobs is to help and keep their nations stable.

Tier 5: The public companies/organizations and the rest

This group is the most popular one and often seen in the media.

Each group have it own ideology about life also level of “enlightenment” along with the “power”.
Tier 1 have the most power while tier 5 have the least power.

My books are so great, my ideas are too good, my knowledge wisdom are to powerful to the point if I publish and sell all of my books then the public people (tier 4 and 5) would think I am a saints/Gods.

I want my books being seen and discussed for the tier 1, 2 and 3 in advanced.

The reason is that I want to know whether they can offer me something in exchange of receive my permission to let those books to be shared freely to the rest of the society under all kind of options such as: will be edited then appear to the mainstream media, only share/displayed in certain languages, give out the franchise to each nation, etc.

If no any beings/entities in the first top 3 tiers want to make any offer with me, then I will move to tier 4 the nation governments.

With tier 4, I will present my books with all nations to see whether they want to receive/buy the license or not.

If no any nations interested to receive the permanent license then I will move to tier 5 groups: the public companies, publishers and the rest of the society.

When you buying directly from me the original author via my personal website, then you will receive unlimited edited version (if have) in the future.

While if you obtain the book via middle man public market such as google play, amazon kdp, etc. then you will only receive only 1 version.

The reasons is because when selling directly, I will able to receive money straight from the readers and the fee are only less than 10% in total.

While with the middle man platform, the commission including tax is about 50% to 70%. Not only that I also need to wait about from 45 days to 75 days to receive money in my bank account.

I do not want to appear online but prefer send out the license/franchise to the big groups/organizations instead for many reasons especially if want to truly help the public people, then the book should be have “good image” and “good grammar” and “nice story” too.

The books I was published and will publish in near future only focus on the content and ideas, I do not care too much about image or the story or the grammar.

I am sharing this message to all of you with the hope that you guys gals can send my message and my books to all the top big entities/organizations to see whether they want to have a deal with me or not.
The faster the better because the “cure” for the global currency war I will only publish when my financial burden is completely removed.

And now I no longer come with an empty hand like before but instead I come with big heavy products that will easily make me become billionaires if I chose to live like normal typical person but it will be the waste for the society and this world.

Send, share, forward this message to all groups/nations to help the society become better place.

Best Regard,
The Savior – Ascension Joy

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