The Savior Looking For International Book Publisher & Partner To Help Spread The Information

The Savior Looking For International Book Publisher & Partner To Help Spread The Information

I have a lot of great educated book that will help the readers and the society become a better place.

After spending several hours to do some research and thinking, I don’t think I will able to publish my books to entire world because the first requirement “ISBN” I not met personally.

In my nation, the agency do not sell ISBN directly to indie author but only “release” it for “print factory” or company publisher. Not only that my book is in English but not in local language as well.

I can sell ebook online but I want to sell printed book to physical stores at the same times.
That’s why I really need an international publisher right now.

Even then I still need a “marketing team” at least for introducing it to the target readers.

If do it alone by myself, then it will takes me a lot of times for the easy task of sending message, contacting the potential readers.

Instead, I prefer to share some of the profit for others who can assist me to do that easy job.
The NET profit percentage I will to share is depend on various factors but will be a fair price (no less than 50%). If including the whole sale discount, then I can take 20-30%.

Thus I will have more free times to write more books.

So I am writing this message to you because you can help me send it to any groups/entities that have any knowledge/connection with the book publishing industry.

Just send me any proposal or information.

I want to seeking help from secret societies, big organizations in advanced before personally do manual contact with all the publishers I can found on the internet. I do not want mass people know my personal website unless I have no choice left.

Please send this message to all entities you think can help me.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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