All The Savior’s Published Books Will Be Free To The Public If Meet My Requirement

All The Savior’s Published Books Will Be Free To The Public If Meet My Requirement

I am the original author/creator of the book “New Creation New Society New World” (already published on major popular market) and the upcoming book “Save The Climate, Save The Civilization…” which will be released in next few days.

Frankly I do not want to make money like normal people because it is such a waste of talent because it will take me a lot of time to do everything from writing, contacting the publisher, do contract/agreement, marketing, selling etc.

Of course those book will be have great sales since they are all new type of educated book with fresh ideas that never seen before.
They are great because it is short, straight forward to the point and help the readers easier to read/understand/implement, practice in real life.

If I go for “make money purpose” then I would only able to write 2-3 books for every 30 days.

I do not want to become billionaires but just want to have few millions dollar to help people around me.

So I have decided to back with my previous choice: “the books will be completely free to the public meet I receive certain amount of donation” (the specific requirement is based on each book).

For the book “New Creation New Society New World”, my requirement is 1 million USD/Euro (1,000,000).

For the upcoming book “Save The Climate, Save The Civilization …”, my requirement is 2 million USD/Euro (2,000,000).

Then the book will be completely for using (for non-commercial purpose), especially useful in education purpose.

Now I am researching and trying to contact with many book publishers around the world to see whether they can accept my manuscript and my ideas/vision or not.

Even if I chose the option “free read for all, but pay as you wish”, it will forced me to put my personal website/contact donation wallet/methods to the public and it will still take me a lot of time to just introduce it to the public. And this option I prefer only using after several months of selling books.

You guys gals already knew my talent.
I do not want to do everything in the society because this is co-exist world, not the absolute King style world.
Because I prefer to solve the macro problems first, then the rest will upgrade their level, thus will able to produce/create new book/content similar with my ideas.

That’s pretty much similar with the thinking of many super deities who are still watching the current “stupid world war”.

The time is running out.
If the donation come first then I will go with the plan.
But if the contract come first, then I will stick with that.

That is my current thinking, but everything can change.

If you are have any connection with top secret societies/groups/entities or big organizations, please send me this message to see whether they can have a secret deal with me or not.

You do not need talk with me directly for whatever reasons, just make donation is enough, I will understand and do what I have promised.

This civilization have no time left and so as myself.

Do not wait for miracle, take smart action and smart investment now for the better of your life !

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara

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