Only New Unique Books, Words, Information Can Save This Society From Total Collapse

Only New Unique Books, Words, Information Can Save This Society From Total Collapse

This society are very close to total collapse and destruction.
Because lack of new unique information, words, books about life that can help truly help the people.

All kind of wars between nations, groups, entities because they are think “the world must be this way, that direction is wrong and only my thinking is the correct way”.

All kind of war around natural resources or financial system, trade war, etc. are not the root problems so do not waste time to fight about it.

The root problems of this society is people are thinking wrong about life (at least at the top leader, high level class people).

Now in order to truly help the people, people must change the way they think/believe about life.

You can do it via either “smash” with physical force in brutal mode, this is the “gambling way”.
Or you can choose the safe way: giving new knowledge, wisdom, information under various methods such as books, music, video, app, etc.

The legendary book “Tao Te Ching” written by Lao Tzu already said that “words, information” are the greatest source and way to solve all kind of problems at the very biggining of that book.

But the big problem is that the secret hidden rules and laws of life that do not allow the government or big entities directly telling very things they know about life, but the public people must “earn” it by each individual self.

Combine with all factors, then the only working way is giving out real information about life via premium books (the price does not matter whether is is just $1 or $1 million), because money is the neutral energy/barrier connecting between people, thus the only safe way to help the public people.

Can publish new books with limited slot so whoever lucky will receive life changing information? the answer is yes, and that is the best way but now there is still lack of platform that trully do that kind of work and truly encourage creators.

So overall the only way can truly help and prevent this entire society and civilization from total collapse is new unique books that educating people about life.

That is the reason why are trying to do in that way.

But I myself is just one single beings and do not have any connection with any entities that can spread my idea, my books to the mass public people in short amount of time.

So if you are truly want to save this society and make it better, more interesting to live for you, your friends and your families, then let’s just support me, send this message this website to all secret societies, big organizations, governments, authorities, beings as soon as possible, before the situation is too late.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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