Big Update: All The Super Books Will Appear On All Mainstream Market In January 2023

Big Update: All The Super Books Will Appear On All Mainstream Market In January 2023

I have decide to official appear on the mainstream market and will publish my books in all popular platform such as Amazon, Apple, Google Playstore, Kobo and many other ones.

By official appear like that, which mean the end for all “stupid” beings who are trying to deceive and cheating the society system.

I can reveal to all of you that all the information in my books are “low level” enough to get accepted but still give useful much needed knowledge to the readers.

The books will appear on the mainstream market could have other author pen name and could have the title a little different, as well as the price.

The official timing and dates I do not have yet at the moment since there still some things I don’t like and not yet ready, especially related to personal financial issue.

Frankly now I do not have any international debit/credit card and do not have funds to open once either.

So even the plan to using big middle man book distribution company is not an option now.
I want all of my books to as far and to as many countries as possible, so until I have enough money to open an international bank card to order/using that services, I am not going to publish anything yet.

That is why I am looking for donation from all of you, you can obtain books or courses which I am offering right now.

Above is an option and a possibility but I am not yet make final call and decision.

So if you want to save America USA or the world, then must support me right now, I am the most high level player on the current field that have power to destroy all the bad actors/beings and can help the “good guys” win the game and open new era on Earth.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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