AscensionJoy Want To Work With All Entities, Governments To End World Conflict

AscensionJoy Want To Work With All Entities, Governments To End World Conflict

Hi everyone,
Do not try do save the world directly because it is too big.
But you need to remember the “domino effect” strategy which from a small object/project can lead to the total victory.

I have shared my personal thinking and solution about how to solve the world conflict.
Which is through new books, words, information.

I have 2 choices to start at the moment: with the global communities via internet or local people.

If start with global communities then the primary language will be English and will help many nations since English is the world most popular language at the moment.

While if I chose begin from local people, then I will only using local language and will only able to help small group of people. Of course it can be later translate to any other language but the true real “meaning” of the message/book will be lost since the translator won’t be me in that case, thus he/she cannot truly understand what I want to talk about.

I have quick revealed the title of several books and several courses on my website.

I have not go into deep details because I don’t feel the motivation yet because it is just a waste of time if spending time to write, publish more information but receive absolutely nothing in return.

You can treat this partnership either like a casual business of making money or a “help the people” business, both are work and fine to me. Some entities are get paid to help the people and some entities are not, so that is why I welcome both.

I am living in a 3rd world country in South East Asia at the moment so it is impossible for me to just open a payment account in Stripe or Paypal, while my government not allowed to using cryptocurrencies for any kind of normal money business transaction, so it is very hard for me to just start a new normal business in normal way.

That is why I am looking for new partnership with any entities, especially the big organizations to work with me.
I am not looking for any kind of “deceiving marketing” but only using normal introducing products technique to the public people to inform them that there is a great book for them to read, to gain more knowledge wisdom of life.

The commission I am willing to share is 50% of the profit.

That number is also apply to all resellers at this moment.

If you want to join me to help the world in the safe way, then this is your best chance.

This open invitation will open until this website total close (could be next couple of week or months, I am not sure because it is all depend on my mood and emotion).

Feel free to share this message/letter to all your friends, families, entities, groups.

It is safe to to sell/share premium books project, so why don’t give it a try, it is a risk free bet ?!

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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