AscensionJoy Is Looking For Partnership To Spread The Information To Help The People

AscensionJoy Is Looking For Partnership To Spread The Information To Help The People

I the AscensionJoy is a completely solo creator in this billions people society, no support or help by any beings/entities.

There are too many people (above 99.99% of total world population) who are in wrong direction of life and are much needed help.

Most of them are only need new knowledge, wisdom, direction, information.

There are so many different groups, nations, languages, cultures in this society and I do not have very little to zero connection with them.

So I am looking for partnerships who can help me spread the message, information to the public society.

It could be just some random people on the internet or big groups/organizations/secret societies who are agree with my words, my information.

You can treat this one like a typical equal benefit for both sides if you want.

Because it takes a lot of time, energy, effort just to send, share my message to the public society.
While that jobs can be taken and be done via many people.

So it would be a smart choice for me to focus on the hardest work of creating new unique ideas, books, solutions, while the easy jobs will be taken by other people.

The benefit you will receive is not only money, wealth but also the direct connection with me the legend that even with zillion money you will just cannot buy.

I am looking for more than just 1 single partners but many ones in all languages, all countries.

For more details of any future agreement and partnerships, please contact me directly as soon as possible.

So if you think you have talent/something to offer and can become the “bridge” to help me spread my books, my information to public people.

No matter who you are, what is your group, then you are all welcome to talk, discuss with me.

Feel free to share this invitation to all the secret societies, entities, beings, groups, organizations.

Give it a try and will see.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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