After This Lunar New Year, Obtaining Courses Is Not Guaranteed Accepted

After This Lunar New Year, Obtaining Courses Is Not Guaranteed Accepted

Hi everybody,
Due to the personal and world situation overall, I have decide to only accepting to carry the courses/membership for whoever obtain it before the lunar new year (before 00:00 January 22nd 2023 GMT +8 time zone).

All the courses which I am offering at AscensionJoy website is way too under the real price.
And it will takes a lot of times, energy for me to do it (minimum time of each course is 3 months).

Guaranteed Accepted here mean no matter who you are, what is your background, I will always welcome and willing to teach/help you through the courses.

Of course after above deadline I may still accept you but the “karma energy requirement” could be much higher or I won’t accept you for whatever reason like no have desire/motivation to do.

This is also apply to the Official Ascension Joy Membership as well.

After above timeline, only obtaining books is the only one that will guaranteed accepted since it does not take much my time or energy.

I am making this announcement officially so all of you can understand and make your decision quickly.

My moral is so high so I only keep high quality services and I want everything to be transparency.

From now till the deadline of new lunar new year, there are still 7 days left.

I advice you guys to make decision quick and wisely so won’t regret later.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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